10 weeks in and 1,000 likes on Facebook

In the 10 weeks since I went live with this site and its related Facebook page, I've been able to better learn what you want and I will present it here as best I understand it.

First, you love lighthouses. Far and away, these are the top draw for viewers. Some that you folks live near or used to live near or knew growing up. Others that are just beautiful and interesting in their history. One that had no identifying details at all was still quite popular "Steamship Meets Lighthouse." I've since been able to establish the beacon as Bremerhaven in the North Sea.

A close runner up are famous seaside destinations (Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Jersey Shore, etc.) Next are sailing ships and shipwrecks, mermaids and surfers.

Many of you seem quite interested in the history that I try to squeeze into the descriptions and the ways that printing and colorization distinguish them. 

Finally, an awful lot of you (especially in FB) seem to be unaware of the fact that what I'm posting and hope to be selling are in fact night lights. Believe me when I say, If you like the image for whatever reason, you'll love it as a night light.

I'll keep trying to make the fact that night lights are what I'm selling that much clearer.

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