Happy Valentine’s Day and a Special Thank You


Happy Valentine's Day to Lovers of Lighthouses Everywhere

In the 3 months since my site went live, I’ve come to appreciate the near transcendent power of lighthouse imagery on people in all walks of life from all around the world.

 Images – especially the colorful ones I choose to make night-lights with - are always going to draw likes. If I post the image of a lighthouse though, the number of those likes frequently double and occasionally triple.

 As to why that is, I am only beginning to understand. I know I can’t begin to articulate the meaning each holds on an individual standpoint. For some it’s a memory.

 For others, it’s a symbol. For yet others still, it’s simply the history they reflect or the beauty they present.

 I knew a month or two ago a Valentine’s Theme for Lighthouses would be a great way to tap into folks’ personal attachments to specific lights.

I used a free web survey site, which I was to quickly learn, has its limitations.

 Some responses were simple and direct like “Twin Lights at Navasink, NJ” or "Boston Light, I always liked taking the Harbor Tours with my Dad."  Others offered a bit more context, like “Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. My first vacation with a boyfriend.” or” Portland Headlight in Maine! Loved living in Maine!!”

 Some went even further offering wonderful and in many cases heart-felt responses that I’ve posted here to share with you. Thanks to everyone who responded in any way.

 Here are the more heart-felt responses:



Nobska Light, Woods Hole, MA - -

My mother was a born and bred Bostonian. She met my father and they moved to his home state of NJ.

 Since Mom always missed Boston and Cape Cod, we spent most of our family vacations on the Cape.

 I met my own future husband and when it came time, he drove me to my "home away from home", Boston, for the day...and proposed in a Swan Boat on the Charles River.

We married and raised a family...and we, also, spent most of our family vacations on Cape Cod (specifically, Falmouth).

 My husband and I spent our 20th and (recently) 25th wedding anniversaries at a favorite Falmouth seaside resort. We made time to visit our favorite landmark, the Nobska Light in (Woods Hole) Falmouth. Majestically located, it will always represent a lifetime of warm, happy and romantic memories.

 I have visited and collected many lighthouses through the years, but always displayed proudly, front and center on my curio shelf, is the Nobska Lighthouse - an anchor of love and contentment.”


"Boston Lighthouse. I always loved taking the Harbor Tours with my Dad. Fond memories!"



 Montauk Lighthouse, Montauk, NY

“Montauk lighthouse. Because I worked there. Played there. Fun in the sun. Days & nights sleeping on that beach looking at my favorite lighthouse.”


Nobska Light, Woods Hole, MA

 "Woods Hole-Nobska Light in Falmouth/Cape Cod holds a lifetime of childhood, adult and romantic memories for me and my family. It is the "beacon" to which I have been returning since I was a babe in my mother's arms.

 Holding my mother's Bostonian-bred spirit and immeasurable family memories, this lighthouse, among many others I treasure as special, is the one that "lights" my heart with nostalgic joy.

 It will always be displayed prominently on my collection shelf as well as in my soul. .”


 [ Image Not Yet Available - My Apologies - TG]

 Cape Blanco Light - Bandon, Oregon

Cape Blanco Lighthouse outside of Bandon Oregon... The one and only place I got to share with my Mom in this lifetime!

 Great memories that she took her very first air flight from the Midwest to come see me here in Oregon!

 It is my happy place I can always go to in my mind when I need to find peace for my soul...

  MY Mom has been gone for almost 16 years and my most beautiful memory of a lighthouse.... my mom was my shining light... Sorry this isn't "romantic" but it is full of love!”



Minot Light, Off Scituate & Cohasset, MA

"Minot Light. My husband had our wedding reception at the Light Keeper's Cottage in 1998. Sankaty Light on Nantucket comes in second. We could see the light at night from my in laws house, where my daughter took her 1st steps. Precious memories."


Edgartown Light, Edgartown MA.

"My husband of 30 years passed away nine years ago. He was from Edgartown but had moved to Maine. When visiting family on the island we always took a walk to the Lighthouse. It's a beautiful spot with a great beach. After he passed away my sister in law had a stone engraved with his name on the base of the lighthouse joining many other names as well. Every time I go visit his family down there I always take a few walks down to the lighthouse. It is like going down memory lane and being with Ed again. It's my favorite place to be!"


Thanks to everyone who responded and enjoy the weekend.  

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