2019 And The Past Going Forward

2019 And The Past Going Forward

One of the serendipitous joys of creating extremely high resolution image catalogs is that a range of new technologies keep emerging to allow those images to be used in new ways, to be created in ever smaller numbers in a new wholesale configuration known as 'drop-shipping.'

The former include ink and dye sublimation which now enables imagery to be infused into glass, ink, cloth, tile and marble with minimal loss of color intensity. 

The latter now enables orders as small as a single item to be shipped directly to customers from any partner in my production network without the need for me to maintain inventory other than what's required for initial product photography.

The frosted glass beer mug above is one such product. This line has been a great addition to my product offering and has been embraced both for its decorative appeal as a memento and its functionality as a drinking glass.

Not surprisingly, the printing and technology companies struggling to offer these new technologies while evolving with a competitive 'drop ship' model have seen much upheaval in their competitive landscapes.

For my business that meant having a supplier/vendor close abruptly with my wholesale accounts hanging in the wind. Change cuts both ways in evolution and if you depend on industries in flux, you have to be quick on your feet.

In 2019, I hope to expand my catalog offerings to include Art Deco period imagery including a full set of Zodiac illustrations such as the one shown here:


And some of the iconic Art Deco imagery shown here:



I also hope to offer a broader catalog of images from some of America's great colleges many of which were creating hand-tinted or rotograph postcards of their most beloved campus buildings in wonderfully subtle hues such as you see here:




So there's lots to look for in the year ahead. As always, I'll still be selectively expanding the image catalogs of the lighthouses, shorelines, cityscapes, shipwrecks, mermaids and surfers, you've seen in the past from That Fabled Shore.

2019 will be interesting. Let's see what kind of future the past will hold for us.

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