A Tempered Glass Cutting Board Is A Tough Choice.

A Tempered Glass Cutting Board Is A Tough Choice.

My first experience with a tempered glass cutting board was having a vendor toss it in the air. It clanged off the showroom's tile floor and as all assembled regained our collective breath, was presented as having suffered nary a scratch. It's worth remembering that tempered glass has long been the choice for windows on Brinks trucks. So why is it now showing up in gourmet kitchens as a cutting board? Here's my take on it:

Ink sublimation technology - which allows for infusing the glass substrate with an extensive palette of subtle hues - has scaled down the size of its equipment to make shorter production runs cost effective. The result has created a wide range of these colorful cutting boards in images ranging from wine labels and autumn leaves to brightly colored monogramed boards created as personalized gifts. For a small business such as mine, which was created around specialized catalogs of hand-colored, archival postcard images, the impact has been far greater.

The end result fully captures the subtle hues that are the hallmark of this period to be fully rendered in brilliantly colorful glass cutting boards that are as durable as they are eye-catching.

In fact, many customers buy it as a piece of art without fully appreciating exactly how tough and durable it really is. It's a fabulous cutting board, and a great serving piece for hors d'oeuvres or on a table top. Best of all, it cleans up with just a rinse of soap and water.

So if you're looking for a unique gift idea that's harder than steel and far more picturesque, consider the many lighthouses and other images now in my tempered glass cutting board selection. 

It's sure to be a tough choice and a beautiful one too.

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