About That Fabled Shore

That Fabled Shore is a series of curated catalogs of archival postcard imagery comprised almost exclusively by hand-tinted photo postcards created between 1880 and 1928.

The collections are primarily centered around maritime and coastal themes such as lighthouses, shipwrecks, harbors and coast lines. Some are grouped according to the coastal town, city or region they feature.

The original cards include hand-tints, photo-stints and roto-graphs. They all represent a period in photography and its' processing when color hadn't quite caught up to its black and white counterpart. 

By the early 1930s, linen paper and the inks that it required, had replaced the various tinting processes and, more importantly, the scenes these postcards hoped to capture had in many cases disappeared completely.

Over the past year, I've expanded the ways these images can be recreated into more functional or decorative home decor that leverage new technologies in the ways ink can be applied to fabric, tile, marble and glass.

The result is a much broader product line of pillows,  tempered glass cutting boards, frosted glass beer steins, votive candle holders and more as new applications and technologies present themselves. 



 Keep watching the site as more catalogs come online and more applications present new product opportunities and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can always email me directly at tedso@comcast.net. 


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