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That Fabled Shore Night Lights

Rockport - Twin Lights, Thatchers Island Cutting Board

Rockport - Twin Lights, Thatchers Island Cutting Board

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This fabulous tempered glass cutting board shows a colorful slice of Cape Ann's rich history, all while working beautifully to help you slice, dice and chop tonight's dinner. Thatcher's Island is a small island off of Rockport, Massachusetts in the coastal peninsula of Boston's North Shore known as Cape Ann.
Its location amid perilous waters made it a natural choice for a lighthouse in 1771. In fact, the people of what was then a part of Gloucester built two to serve as navigational aids to the heavy maritime and fishing traffic in the area.
Just six years later, townspeople became convinced that the lights were serving too much to the benefit of The British Navy and so they rowed out to the lights and tore them down.
The beacons were not rebuilt until 1787. They're lovingly referred to as 'Cape Ann's Eyes.'

Tempered Glass Cutting Board

  • Available Sizes: 8 inch x 12 inch or 12 inch x 16 inch
  • Functional art - can be used as a cutting board, serving piece or decoration
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Can be customized for an additional fee


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